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Sesame Seed

Sesame seed is categorized among most healthiest food ingredient. It is being sued as oil and if whole as well as ground forms. India is a two-way destination for Sesame; we import as well as export sesame. India imports natural sesame while export natural as well as processed qualities. Being situated in processing and producing region of sesame, we have edge of being access to import as well as export market. We facilitate both natural as well as hulled qualities of sesame for export and import. We can source for Indian import from African origin and can facilitate for buying from India.

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Ground Nut

India grows and exports a good quantity of groundnut across glob. There are three major varieties being exported from India Java, TJ and Bold. Java and Tj is product of Gujarat, while bold of Rajasthan. India exports in-shell as well as peanut without shell. We have credible and compliant processors as our associates for sourcing Java, Tj as well as Bold, in-shell as well as without shell, with all due counts.

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