India is world’s largest producer as well consumer of Pulses. India imports large quantity of pulses, same time do small exports also of some particular pulses to specific destinations. We at Shreeji offer imported as well as domestic pulses.

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Indian Desi Chick Pea/ DesiChana

produced in Rajasthan, MP and Gujarat prominently. Gujarat is net consumer and importing state for both imported and indigenous pulses. We provide procurement and supply solutions for desi chana to many daal mills of our region and we do export to specific destinations. We offer farmer quality as well as machine cleaned chana in bulk as well as customized small packing.

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Imported Chickpea

India imports chickpea from various origins of world. Due to import restrictions at present, we do import from some specific origins like Sudan and other African origins. We have good trade relations in African origin trade centers of same and offer the same to our esteemed clients.

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Other Imported Pulses

as stated in chickpea section, India do imports other pulses too from Africa like Tur, Green Moong prominently. Having very good associations in Africa we do facilitate as well as arrange procurement service to importers/consumers of African origin pulses.

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