India is spice bowl of world and Gujarat is leading spice producer in India. Being strategically located in state of Gujarat we have cutting edge lead in spices procurement /supply solution of spices produced in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Marashtra and MP.

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A spice, which has a characteristic aroma and texture, for which it is being used individually as well as base for many spice mixes and seasonings. Grown prominently in Rajasthan, MP and Gujarat. We do offer Bulk as well as customized small pack supplies for this spice, all quality specs like Parrot, Scooter, Eagle and Badami. We do offer coriander splits too.

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Cumin seed /Jeera is leading high value spice of Indian and global importance. India is largest producer of this spice, while Gujarat and Rajasthan are leading producing states of India. We offer all assayed qualities like Singapore, Europe, Kriana, grinding grade in bulk as well as customized small packing.

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Fennel / Saunf

a sweet aromatic spice, used for flavoring, in seasonings and consumed directly after little backing. It belong to same family of Cumin seeds but differ in aroma and value too. Cumin seeds has sharp flavor while fennel has sweet mild aroma.

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Fenugreek Seed / Methi

a bitter taste spice used in seasonings and many Ayurvedic medicinal recipes. Grown in Rajasthan, Gujarat and MP prominently and being consumed pan India as well as has little export importance too. Valued according to grain size and color along with origin, Rajasthan origin fetch premium over other region production.

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though mustard is an oil seed but widely used as spice also due its pungent oil aroma. It have various qualities according to color and size; yellow mustard, black mustard, micro mustard, bold mustard. It is being grown in Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP and UP prominently. Gujarat is hub for spice oriented mustard trade.

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Red Dry Chilli

most exported spice by volume from India is Dry Red Chilly, from southern India (Guntur biggest market place) and MP. We do offer customized quality requirement whole chilli as well as powder of leading Indian verities like Sanam, Teja, 334, Byadagi, Wonder Hot, Ganesh etc. We have access to both the markets of Guntur as well as MP.

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